Sabtu, 16 Agustus 2014

Scorpion -- Always Somewhere

Scorpion -- Always Somewhere

Arrive at seven,the place feel good.
no time to call you to day.
a calls to eleven, and child needs food.
back to the hotel again.
I called your number, like ant frees.
i like to tell you, come to me.
night without you seems like a lost dream.
Love i can tell you, how i feel.
Always somewhere, miss you where i've been.
i'll be back, to love you again.....2 x.

Another morning another place.
the only day off is far away.
but every city, see me in the end.
and brings me to you again.
Always somewhere miss you where i've been.
i'll be back to love you again.......2 x.

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